Here's Why US Politicians Seemed To Have Bags On Their Heads During Chaos At The Capitol

They were actually gas masks.
US Capitol Building Riot: Here's Why Politicians Looked Like They Had Plastic Bags On
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During the U.S. Capitol building riot on January 6, politicians were seen with what looked like plastic bags over their heads and there's a reason why.

Both CNN and The American Press reported that they were actually gas masks that lawmakers were told to put on after rioters stormed the building.

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The masks were under politicians' seats and they were told that tear gas had been used in the building according to a report from CNN.

The American Press noted that police told members of Congress to put them on.

Congressman David Trone tweeted photos of himself and his colleagues being evacuated while wearing the gas masks.

He said that what happened at the Capitol was "lawless intimidation."

Justin Trudeau and other Canadian political leaders spoke out about the riot and he called it an "attack on democracy."

In the early hours of January 7, Donald Trump said in a statement that there will be an "orderly transition" of power.

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