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The Organizer Of Alberta's Pro-Trump Rally Has Been Charged For Breaking COVID-19 Rules

On Wednesday, January 6, an Alberta pro-Trump rally took place in Red Deer.

According to police, about 30 people were gathered “to demonstrate the U.S. Elections result.”

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Photos and videos of the event show individuals wearing Make America Great Again hats and waving signs saying that Donald Trump won the 2021 election.

Red Deer RCMP said in a news release that the gathering was deemed to be breaking current public health orders and the organizer was charged accordingly.

The organizer is scheduled for a court appearance in April.

On the same day, violent Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, sparking outraged responses from politicians like Joe Biden and Jagmeet Singh and eventually leading to a statement by Donald Trump telling everyone to go home peacefully.

Justin Trudeau called the riots an “attack on democracy.”

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