You Might Get $20K Of Your Student Loans Forgiven If Jagmeet Singh Gets Elected

He also wants to make post-secondary public.

Jagmeet Singh Wants To Forgive $20k Of Your Student Debt

On Thursday, August 12, Jagmeet Singh released the NDP's campaign platform, a 115-page document that outlined his pledges to Canadians should he be elected.

Among his promises is a commitment to making post-secondary education affordable for everyone.

"New Democrats will remove interest from federal student loans, and to help lift the debt burden from young people starting out, we will introduce a targeted debt forgiveness program for graduates that will forgive up to $20,000 in student debt," the document said. "In the first year alone, this will wipe out 20% of all student debt and help 350,000 borrowers save money every month."

In addition, the NDP of Canada plans to try to move away from loans by doubling non-repayable student grants.

The party also plans to move towards making post-secondary education part of the public education system "so kids can go from kindergarten to a career without the barrier of cost."

Singh has been vocal for months about his plans to pay out a portion of student debt, but now the pledge is part of his official platform which was released ahead of a potential snap election this fall.