Jagmeet Singh Just Dropped His Campaign Platform & He's Got Some Big Promises For Canadians

Squashing student debt and boosting the minimum wage are part of Singh's plan.

The NDP Campaign Platform Just Dropped & Singh Has A Lot Of Promises For Canadians

On Thursday, August 12, Jagmeet Singh released the NDP's campaign platform ahead of a potential snap election. "It's time for a government that delivers real results for people like you," he began.

Speaking about his opponents, Singh said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "wants to look like he cares" and Erin O'Toole is "too busy protecting the interests of his rich friends."

He went on to make a number of promises to Canadians about what his NDP government would do if elected. Here are some things Jagmeet Singh pledges to achieve:

  • Forgiving up to $20,000 of student debt
  • Making post-secondary education part of the public education system
  • Raising minimum wage
  • Creating 500,000 units of affordable housing
  • A national childcare program
  • Universal pharmacare and dental care programs
  • Paid sick leave for workers
  • Making internet and cell phone plans more affordable
  • Making a cabinet dedicated to reducing emissions
  • Addressing violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people
  • Addressing systematic racism
  • Making sure the super-rich pay their "fair share" in taxes

These are a few of the things that Singh put forth in a 115-page document outlining the party's commitments. He concluded by saying: "New Democrats are ready to fight for the rest of us instead. Our plan will make life more affordable, improve health care and other services people count on and deliver good jobs, a clean economy and a brighter future for our kids."

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