Jagmeet Singh Promised To Give Canadians $5K To Pay Their Rent If The NDP Get Elected

He says the support would "immediately help families."👇

Jagmeet Singh Says NDP Will Give Canadians $5K To Pay Their Rent
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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has promised that his party will give Canadian families up to $5,000 in rental support if they win the federal election in September.

Speaking in Toronto on August 21, the NDP leader vowed to "get big money out of housing" by enacting a foreign ownership tax on housing and building half a million affordable homes, in addition to providing financial support to renters.

"Buying a home, renting a place to call home has gotten worse, not easier," he told reporters on Saturday. "I want to put a stop to that."

Singh says the NDP's rental subsidy, which would be up to $5,000 a year, would "immediately help families that are struggling with that increased cost that Justin Trudeau has allowed to happen."

He said the plan would be funded by closing "loopholes" and increasing taxes for wealthy corporations like Amazon.

It's part of the party's wider plan to tackle the housing crisis in Canada.

If elected, the NDP has committed to introducing a 20% foreign buyer's tax, cracking down on "the speculators and money launderers that fuel skyrocketing housing prices" and "immediately" building 500,000 new units of affordable housing, in addition to the rental subsidy.

Helena Hanson
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