A Federal Election May Be Coming Soon But Politicians Have Been In Election Mode For Weeks

Even a campaign platform has been released!

A Federal Election May Be Coming Soon But Politicians Have Been In Election Mode For Weeks
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A Federal Election May Be Coming Soon But Politicians Have Been In ...

The buzz around a federal election in Canada in 2021 is recent, but it seems like some politicians and even the federal political parties have been in election mode for weeks.

Even before an official call was made on August 15 for election day on September 20, there have been campaign-style funding announcements, job postings that require election experience and a haircut.

At the end of June, Justin Trudeau made an appearance at the Generation Equality Forum where he debuted a new, shorter haircut and a clean-shaven face, which was a big change from the long hair and bearded look he had for most of the pandemic. Some people suggested that the prime minister getting rid of his beard and getting his hair cut was a signal that an election was on the way.

On the same day Reuters reported that multiple sources said Trudeau would call an election on August 15 with the voting day on September 20, Jagmeet Singh revealed the NDP's campaign platform with pledges like raising the minimum wage, taxing the super-rich and forgiving student loans.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu tweeted on August 10 about going door-knocking and shared a photo that showed off a button that read, "Re-elect Patty Hajdu." She also said people can reach out "to get details on all things campaign."

Since the end of June, Trudeau and federal ministers on his team have been making campaign-style funding announcements across the country about housing, child care, transit and more.

Recently, people have also posted on Twitter that they've been getting texts from the Liberal and Conservative parties asking for their support in the next election. Whether they are actual texts or just someone sending spam messages, they're probably a sign that an election is on the way.

At the beginning of August, Canada's NDP posted a bunch of new jobs looking for hires, including online community manager and national organizer. Some of the positions require experience working on an election campaign and doing online outreach to get out the vote or consider it an asset.

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