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Here's How Justin Trudeau's Hair Has Changed Throughout The Pandemic (PHOTOS)

Who can forget that hair flip?
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Justin Trudeau Hair Has Changed So Much Throughout The Pandemic & These Photos Show It

Throughout the pandemic, Justin Trudeau's hair has been a talking point for lots of people because of how long it got especially when it led to that hilarious hair flip.

Since he has done press conferences almost every day, the prime minister's changing locks have been well documented and here are five photos that show the evolution since March 2020.

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At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Trudeau's hair was short at the side with a little bit of length on top.

Then in April, his hair was long enough that it kept falling onto his face and Trudeau had to keep pushing it back which led to the famous hair flip moment.

Trudeau's 2020 lockdown hair reached its longest length in June.

He still had his long locks even once salons were allowed to reopen in Ontario but a few days after he finally got a haircut which brought it back to its March length.

In the following months, Trudeau's hair started to grow out just like it did at the beginning of the pandemic and by January 2021 it was quite long again but he couldn't get it cut because of Ontario's stay-at-home order.

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