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Talk about a transformation! Justin Trudeau's hair has finally been chopped and he looks like a totally different person. He even said goodbye to the beard!

On June 30, the prime minister looked pretty sharp as he made a statement during the Generation Equality Forum.

Gone are those long and often luscious locks in exchange for a tidier and shorter cut, similar to the style he was sporting circa 2018 and 2019.

The beard — which some Canadians had pretty strong feelings about — has also disappeared, in favour of a clean-shaven look.

Although the PM's new style is taking us back to pre-pandemic times, the old 'do did have some pretty iconic moments. Particularly that famous hair flip moment that proved just how badly he needed a trim.

While Trudeau's lockdown style did resemble his younger years, it's good to see the PM looking like his usual self again.

Wednesday was the first day salons and barbers reopened in Ontario, as the province entered step two of its reopening plan,

Trudeau wasn't the only one to have somewhat chaotic lockdown hair, as Toronto Mayor John Tory has been sporting a super voluminous hairdo for a number of months. We feel ya, John!

Sexy Trudeau Shirts Are Being Sold In Ontario RN & The Designer Has Plans For Jagmeet, Too

The designer says it all started with her sister looking for a t-shirt with Trudeau on it five years ago.

Justin Trudeau won the 2021 federal election and a spotlight feature in Tiffany Kwan's t-shirts this month.

Kwan started selling "Trudaddy" t-shirts last year from November 2020 until December 2020, but after the election results rolled in last week, she decided to bring her venture back and sell off some of her leftover stock.

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Yikes, Justin! Justin Trudeau has been Canada's prime minister for almost six years, but his time at Rideau Cottage hasn't been without its fair share of hilariously awkward moments.

From using the term "speaking moistly" and instantly regretting it, to accidentally roasting a reporter and even almost kissing Melania Trump, Canada's PM has left us cringing a little on more than one occasion.

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Justin Trudeau Welcomed The Two Michaels Back To Canada With Hugs At The Calgary Airport

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor had been detained in China for almost three years.

The two Michaels who were detained in China for over 1,000 days have returned to Canada and they were personally greeted by Justin Trudeau.

According to CBC News, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor landed at the airport in Calgary just before 8 a.m. ET on September 25 onboard a Royal Canadian Air Force plane. Live video from CTV News showed Trudeau waiting on the tarmac in the darkness of the morning as the two Michaels got out of the aircraft.

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Canada's Premiers Have Demands For Justin Trudeau Now That He's Prime Minister Again

They want a meeting with Trudeau before the end of the year!

Just days after the election results rolled in, Canada's premiers got together and made demands of Justin Trudeau now that he's the re-elected prime minister.

The premiers, including Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, met by teleconference on September 23, where they congratulated Trudeau on his re-election and called on him to engage in a constructive dialogue with them soon about health care.

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