Somebody get this guy a hair tie! Toronto Mayor John Tory's hair continues to grow and it looks more voluminous than ever.

Showing off his long lockdown locks over the weekend, Tory made several appearances at vaccine clinics across the city.

Thanks to the hot and humid weather, his hair ended up looking a little windswept during some of the media appearances.

With salons closed across the province of Ontario, Tory has been unable to get a haircut and has therefore undergone quite a transformation.

While his 'do was pretty neat and tidy before the pandemic, it's become a little chaotic and it seems to be all the city can talk about!

In fact, an Ontario YouTuber even released a hilarious plea to end the region's lockdown so that the mayor can finally get a haircut.

Fortunately, Tory is taking all of the attention in good humour and even previously joked about his new blowout routine — which involves his wife's Dyson hairdryer. We feel ya, John!