With salons closed across the province, John Tory's hair has transformed into luscious flowing locks and it seems to be all the city can talk about.

One Ontario YouTuber has even released a hilarious plea to end lockdown so the Toronto mayor can finally go and get his haircut.

Stewart Reynolds, aka Brittlestar, poked fun a John Tory's long hairdo on Wednesday, urging the people of Ontario to go and get vaccinated so salons can reopen and the mayor can be saved.

"For months, Mayor John Tory's hair has grown wild as it continued its journey to his shoulders. It has defied all odds and grown confusingly thicker," Brittlestar states in the video. "Do your part to help end the lockdown by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask when you need to. Let's cut John Tory's hair."

Tory responded to the hilarious video through Instagram saying, "whatever it takes to encourage people to get vaccinated."