Snip, snip — Mayor John Tory has finally trimmed his tousled tresses, a moment many Torontonians have been painstakingly waiting for.

In what could basically be considered a public service announcement, Tory took to social media to share with his followers the long-awaited news of finally getting a haircut after more than half a year.

"It's official: I got a haircut. Goodbye to the pandemic hair," Tory tweeted. "I was so glad to see Fernando and Lucy. Encouraging residents, if they haven't already, to go support their hair stylists and barbers - and tip well!"

Some Torontonians tweeted their support of Tory's new 'do.

"I think everyone was happy you got a haircut. It was getting weird," one Twitter user wrote, while another said they're going to miss "John Flow-ry."

Ontario had grown used to seeing the Toronto mayor with unruly hair, but several were itching to see Tory cut his locks — one YouTuber even pleaded to the Ontario government to end the lockdown for the sake of Tory's hair.