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John Tory's TikTok Videos Are Out Of Control & You Just Can't Look Away

Tory is trying out all the latest TikTok trends.

Toronto Staff Writer

Mayor John Tory is trying to inspire the people of Toronto to get vaccinated by dancing and even dabbling in ASMR on TikTok.

Tory is jumping into the latest trends of the popular social media app to educate his younger audience about getting a COVID-19 vaccine. His recent videos are getting so out of control that you just can't look away.


What are you waiting for? Get vaccinated.

In a video two days ago, Tory jumped on the "keep scrolling" TikTok trend, saying, "if you've received your first or second dose of vaccine, keep scrolling."

He then leaned into the camera and softly whispered in his best ASMR voice, "But If you haven't received your vaccine your first or your second dose, what are you waiting for? It's proven to be safe and effective, and it will help put this pandemic behind us. And I promise if you go and get your first and your second vaccine, I'll stop doing TikToks on COVID-19."


Too bad my dancing isn’t as strong as my two doses #COVID19

On July 11, Tory posted another TikTok of him swaying back and forth while staring into the camera, smiling with the caption, "Too bad my dancing isn't as strong as my two doses #COVID19."

One user responded in the comments, saying, "alright which intern made this man do this."

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