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YouTuber Takes Shots At Ontario's Vacationing Finance Minister With A Hilarious Video

"We all need to do St. Barts — I mean, our part."

Canadian YouTuber Brittlestar couldn't resist the opportunity to roast Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips for his poorly timed tropical vacation.

Brittlestar, who is known for his hilarious Canadian-themed content, has taken aim at Phillips with a holiday greeting video on behalf of "a politician who should really know better."

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Brittlestar seems to mimic a video that Rod Phillips posted to his Twitter on Christmas Eve, in which he sits in his living room, addressing the sacrifices Ontarians have made this year.

As Brittlestar speaks, the video soon pans out to reveal that the "living room" is simply a green screen on a Caribbean beach. 

"We all need to do St. Barts... I mean, our part," says Brittlestar.

"So enjoy a piña colada. I mean, egg nog. And don't forget to wear sunscreen!" he continues.

This isn't the first time Brittlestar has impersonated a Canadian politician, either.

Last month, he put forth his best Justin Trudeau impression, and the prime minister himself responded.