John Tory Admits To Having An Affair With A Staff Member & Resigns As Mayor Of Toronto

"I am deeply sorry and apologize unreservedly to the people of Toronto."

John Tory.

John Tory.

John Tory admitted to having an affair with a staff member who was reportedly half his age and has stepped down as mayor of Toronto.

The 68-year-old politician announced his departure in a press conference Friday night where he apologized to Toronto for a relationship which did not meet his standards as a mayor or "family man," according to CTV News Toronto.

"While I deeply regret having to step away from a job that I love, in a city that I love even more, I believe in my heart, it is best to fully commit myself to the work that is required to repair these most important relationships," said Tory.

Tory has been married to his wife Barbara Hackett for over 40 years and said the affair took place during the pandemic when they were apart for "many lengthy periods."

The Toronto Star, the outlet who broke the news, reports the relationship was with a 31-year-old advisor in his office and lasted months.

The affair with the woman ended by "mutual consent earlier this year," according to Tory and the staff member got a job outside of city hall.

Tory has been Toronto's mayor since 2014 and will be working with Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie over the coming days to transition power.


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John Tory's full statement

"I want to update Torontonians on a difficult personal matter.

During the pandemic, I developed a relationship with an employee in my office in a way that did not meet the standards to which I hold myself as Mayor and as a family man.

The relationship ended by mutual consent earlier this year.

During the course of our relationship sometime ago, the employee decided to pursue employment outside City Hall and secured a job elsewhere.

I recognize that permitting this relationship to develop was a serious error in judgment on my part.

It came at a time when Barb, my wife of 40-plus years and I were enduring many lengthy periods apart while I carried out my responsibilities during the pandemic.

As a result, I have decided I will step down as Mayor so I can take the time to reflect on my mistakes and to do the work of rebuilding the trust of my family.

I will be working with the City Manager, the City Clerk and Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie to ensure an orderly transition in the coming days.

While I deeply regret having to step away from a job I love, in a city I love even more, I believe in my heart it is best to fully commit myself to the work required to repair these most important relationships.

As well, I think it is important for the Office of the Mayor not to in any way be tarnished and not to see the City government itself put through a prolonged period of controversy, arising out of this error in judgement on my part, especially in light of the challenges we face as a city.

I am deeply sorry and apologize unreservedly to the people of Toronto and to all those hurt by my actions including my staff, my colleagues and the public service.

Most of all, I apologize to my wife Barb and my family, whom I have let down more than anyone else.

I hope the privacy of all of those impacted by my actions can be respected and that includes me.

I think as you know I am a naturally private person notwithstanding some of the jobs I have had and I hope you will respect that, and the privacy of everyone else as well, especially my wife and family.

I have made the Integrity Commissioner aware of the relationship and asked him to review it.

I want to thank the people of Toronto for trusting me as Mayor.

It has been the job of a lifetime, and while I have let them and my family down in this instance, I have nonetheless been deeply honoured by the opportunity to serve the people of this wonderful city and I believe I did some good for the city I truly love particularly during the pandemic.

I'm usually known for taking as many questions as you want, but on this occasion I'll let my statement speak for itself.

Thank you."

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