John Tory Is Resigning As Toronto's Mayor & Here's Who Is Expected To Get His Job Now

Someone will be appointed to the position until an election can be held.

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​John Tory standing at a podium with a Toronto sign on it. Right: Toronto City Hall in the winter.

John Tory standing at a podium with a Toronto sign on it. Right: Toronto City Hall in the winter.

John Tory is resigning as Toronto's mayor after having an affair with an employee in his office and now the city will have a new leader.

On February 10, 2023, Tory announced that he developed a relationship with a staffer during the pandemic that "did not meet the standards" he holds himself to as the mayor of Toronto and as "a family man."

"I recognize that permitting this relationship to develop was a serious error in judgment on my part," he said.

"While I deeply regret having to step away from a job that I love, in a city that I love even more, I believe in my heart, it is best to fully commit myself to the work that is required to repair these most important relationships," Tory continued.

He also shared that he'll be working with Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie along with the city manager and city clerk "to ensure an orderly transition in the coming days."

According to CP24, McKelvie is expected to take over the job of mayor until a by-election can be held, as set out in the City of Toronto Act.

The City of Toronto Act outlines that if there's a vacancy in the office of a member of the city council, someone who has consented to accept the office will be appointed to the position and then a by-election will be held.

This has to happen within 60 days of the day a vacancy has been declared and a by-law requiring a by-election also has to be passed in that timeframe as well.

It's likely that McKelvie will have the job of Toronto mayor for months because candidates get 30 to 60 days to submit the necessary paperwork to get on the ballot after a by-election is declared.

Then, the election day would be 45 days after that, CP24 reported.

Tory won a third term as Toronto's mayor just a few months before resigning.

Who is Jennifer McKelvie?

Along with holding the position of deputy mayor, McKelvie is also the councillor for Scarborough-Rouge Park.

She graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough with a bachelor's degree in environmental science and got her Ph.D. in 2006.

The councillor describes herself as a professional geoscientist.

Before going into politics, she managed non-profit industrial-academic partnerships and environmental research.

According to the Toronto Star, McKelvie was first elected to Toronto's city council in 2018.

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