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John Tory's Wife Is His Total Opposite & He Adores That About Her

Apparently, she loves telling inappropriate jokes at parties. 😂

Did you know that Mayor Tory is a family man? In fact, he's been married for over 40 years! John Tory's wife Barbara runs her own business and is the complete opposite of him, he says.

In an interview with the Toronto Star for their 40th wedding anniversary, Tory said that he and Barbara "are very different people."

He spoke on their differing sense of humour.

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She will get up at formal parties and tell completely off-colour jokes.

John Tory

Tory says he is often "sliding down in his chair" in these moments.

He relayed an anecdote to the Star about his 60th birthday party when Barbara surprised him by introducing him to over 100 people and telling a joke about their sex life.

“The older you get the more you realize people don’t change,” Tory said. “She is who she was when I married her.”

In response, Hackett gave Tory some encouraging anniversary wishes:

"I hope you never stop being you and I promise I won’t stop being me.”

It sounds like Barbara could give the mayor some pointers about how to have a little more fun on TikTok.