Jagmeet Singh Wants Canada To Have A ‘Future Where Tuition Is Free’ For Everyone

He also wants to cancel $20,000 of federal student debt per student!👇💰
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Free Tuition In Canada Could Be The Future According To Jagmeet Singh

In addition to cancelling federal student loan debt, Jagmeet Singh is also calling for free tuition in Canada one day in the future.

A new NDP campaign is urging the Liberal government to offer “more help not debt for students,” with the aim of “working towards a future where tuition is free.”

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The NDP leader has posted several tweets about the campaign, writing: “Young people want to get ahead, but under Liberals and Conservatives they have been forced to make student loan payments the size of mortgage payments - it's wrong.”

In addition to free tuition, the party wants to reinstate the freeze on student loan payments until after the pandemic is over, permanently remove interest on all federal student loans and give new graduates five years without student loan repayments.

Singh has also been calling on Justin Trudeau to cancel up to $20,000 of federal student debt per person — for both old and new graduates.

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