Join The Conversation On Narcity Media's New Comment Platform

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Join The Conversation On Narcity Media's New Comment Platform

Readers like you are the reason why we do what we do at Narcity Media, and we want to give you the opportunity to engage with the Narcity community while reading content on That’s why we've partnered with Viafoura, a platform that allows us to encourage healthy discussion and debate while promoting self-expression and freedom of speech.

Viafoura has helped more than 600 media brands build online communities by introducing a comment function on articles, which allows for meaningful discussion and dialogue with other readers. They also provide comment moderation according to our Community Guidelines to help maintain a safe and respectful online environment where everyone feels comfortable.

How does it work?

In order to participate in discussions, you will need to be logged in to via your social media account (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter), through your Apple ID, or with an email address (see more guidance below on how to sign up or log in).

We’re hoping you’ll share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and feedback on our articles, and you may even have a chance to hear from our writers who are encouraged to join the conversation and answer questions.

Comments or users that go against our Community Guidelines will be removed by our team. Users can also report a comment that they believe goes against our Guidelines by using the “Flag” button.

You’ll also be able to identify where the conversation is taking place through a new carousel on our pages that showcases articles with the highest engagement from our readers in real-time, meaning you can take part in the discussion as it’s happening.

Sign up to to start making your voice heard!

Steps to sign up/log in:

Step 1: Find the blue “Comments” icon on any article to open the comments sign-up box.


Step 2: Select “Sign Up” or “Log In” from the “Start the conversation” box and a prompt will open for you to select your method of signing up or logging in.