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He's clapping back! Justin Bieber recently spoke on Instagram about the Black Lives Matter movement and death of Breonna Taylor but one fan wasn't too happy about his post. The Canadian singer slammed the troll in the comments and even shared a screenshot of the exchange.

The 26-year-old posted a photo with Taylor's name and added in the caption that he needs updates. 

"How are these police officers not arrested. she was innocently shot and killed in her own home by police. I’m not going to forget," Bieber wrote.

Out of the thousands of replies, one user caught the "Yummy" singer's attention.

"How about you worry about Canada and your mental issues. We got this down here in America! How about naming all the babies slaughtered at Planned Parenthood, the innocent black girl gunned down in Illinois this weekend, how about all those black in black shooting deaths in Chicago?," the user wrote.

They continued, "When are we gonna talk about that? Hey Justin, you got money, start an organization instead of word salads!"

Bieber replied back, "r u saying that because I’m Canadian I shouldn’t worry about my fellow man? There’s an issue and I’m speaking about it because not only is it my right but my honor to stand by my fellow man."

He added, "There are many issues I can speak on but right now I’m speaking on Brianna Taylor who was murdered in her own home."

That exchange was screenshotted and shared to Bieber's story.

[rebelmouse-image 25988213 photo_credit="justinbieber | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="664x1305"] justinbieber | Instagram

The post it happened on was the same image he shared on July 4 that also accompanied photos of Taylor and information about how to help the situation.

Bieber also added a photo that reads, "I will never stop fighting for my brothers and sisters. BLACK LIVES MATTER".

Bieber has posted about the Black Lives Matter movement multiple times on his Instagram account.

In early June, he wrote that he is "inspired by" and has "benefitted off of black culture."

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