Justin Bieber just dropped his new song 'Lonely' with Benny Blanco on Youtube and it's giving us serious Canadian vibes. That's because it features fellow Canuck Jacob Tremblay who bears a striking resemblance to a baby Biebs.

The award-winning 14 year old actor is well known for his breakout role in the film 'Room.'

However, he changed gears and took on a different role this time, playing Justin Bieber and completely nailing the look. 

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Canadians got to rejoice in many ways as both Bieber and Tremblay are part of the True North family.

And if that wasn't enough maybe the actor playing with a hockey stick in the music video will sell you on the Canadian-ness of it all.  

His character walks around dressed in white and purple, which many fans will know as one of the signature colours the superstar use to sport early on in his career. 

It ends with Tremblay standing and looking into an audience, where Beiber makes a quick cameo as he stares up at the stage. 

The video is sombre in nature with lyrics like  "Everybody knows my past now like my house was always made of glass, and maybe that's the price you pay for the money and fame at an early age" suggesting the singer has been through quite the rollercoaster in his careers after starting at a young age.

The song, which runs more than two and a half minutes long, dropped at midnight and has already picked up more than 2 million views in its first 8 hours of going live to fans.