Trudeau's 'Speaking Moistly' Song Was One Of Canada's Top Trending Videos In 2020

It got millions of views! 😅
Justin Trudeau 'Speaking Moistly' Song Was One Of Canada's Top Trending Videos In 2020

Is it too late for the prime minister to consider a career in the music business? Well, he may want to consider it!

The Justin Trudeau "Speaking Moistly" song apparently came out on top as one of Canada's top trending videos of the year.

The video that garnered well over 3 million views on YouTube was among the most popular videos in Canada during 2020, Proof Strategies Inc. told Narcity.

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If there is one lasting takeaway from Trudeau's many press conferences this year, it's surely that infamous phrase!

In fact, the iconic lingo has since garnered so much popularity that all sorts of merchandise has been created in its honour.

This includes "Speaking Moistly" beer,t-shirts, lip balms and, of course, the super catchy online tune. 

Some honourable Canadian mentions also included in the lineup of YouTube's top trending videos was America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer winner Roberta Battaglia's rendition of Lady Gaga's "Shallow."

The 10-year-old's video received over $37 million views on the streaming service.  

Other categories featured Canadian names too. The most-viewed music videos in Canada included Justin Bieber's "Yummy" and Drake's "Toosie Slide."

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