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Elliot Page's Canadian Wife Shared A Sweet Message About Him Coming Out As Transgender

"Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself," she said.

After Juno and The Umbrella Academy actor Elliot Page wrote an open letter on Tuesday coming out as trans to the world, many took a moment to congratulate the Halifax native, including his wife.

Emma Portner, a Canadian dancer from Ottawa who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, took a pause like so many others to send a sweet message Elliot's way. 

In short, she is proud.

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Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much. Emma Portner

"I am so proud of @elliotpage," the Instagram caption began. "Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself. Shine on sweet E. Love you so much."

She also wrote that trans, queer and non-binary individuals "are a gift to this world."

Additionally, Portner asked for both patience and privacy during this time and that others join her in supporting trans people every day. 

This sentiment mirrored that of Page who said they also ask for patience.

"My joy is real, but it is also fragile," they said. "The truth is, despite feeling profoundly happy right now and knowing how much privilege I carry, I am also scared."

The Instagram shoutout is fitting as the social media platform is reportedly how the two first met. The pair also announced their marriage in 2018. 

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