A Canadian On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Earned The Golden Buzzer & A Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

The 10-year-old from Toronto blew the judges away!
America's Got Talent

Canada’s got talent too! On a recent episode of America’s Got Talent, a 10-year-old from Ontario blew audiences and judges away with her performance. The Canadian’s audition earned her not only a standing ovation but also the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Roberta Battaglia, who hails from Toronto, appeared to be nervous before performing, but the judges showed plenty of support.

When she mentioned that she was from the 6ix, judge Howie Mandel stood up to let out a huge cry of enthusiasm for his fellow Canadian.

As she prepared to sing, Battaglia’s nerves got the best of her, but after receiving some water from host Terry Crews, she was ready to perform.

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was the 10-year-old’s song of choice, which anyone who’s heard the hit track knows is no easy feat.

“Just shut your eyes for a moment and listen to her,” Simon Cowell told fellow judge, Sofia Vergara, as the Canadian began to sing.

By the time she reached the chorus, audience members were on their feet, cheering Battaglia on as she nailed every note with her powerful voice.

As the song came to an end, the Toronto native broke down in tears as the judges stood up to applaud her unforgettable performance.

Cowell was quick to flash her two thumbs up, causing even more emotion to erupt.

“I mean it’s amazing, it’s amazing what you just did,” judge Heidi Klum gushed.

“Your talent is unbelievable, your age is unbelievable. This moment is unbelievable,” Mandel added.

“You are so likable, so humble...You must have great friends,” Cowell praised the young Canadian.

Battaglia then explained that she’s been bullied in the past, but the former American Idol judge was quick to offer her some words of encouragement.

“We hear this, unfortunately, a lot, but there’s one way you win over bullies, it’s by being happy and successful. Bullies are always threatened about talented people, so in a weird way, it’s a compliment,” he said.

“It shows your strength that you’ve come all the way from Canada to be here, and we are honoured to have you as our guest.”

“It was always my dream to be on AGT, and now that’s coming true,” she replied through tears.

Vergara then followed up with more compliments for the star before giving her the highest level of America’s Got Talent praise — the Golden Buzzer. This means that we’ll be seeing more of the young singer during the live shows in Hollywood.

You can check out the entire heartwarming clip below.