A 5-Year-Old Kid In Ontario Drove His Family's Car Just To Get His Little Sister A Toy

"The child did not drive very far," provincial police confirmed.

Toronto Associate Editor
A 5-Year-Old Kid In Ontario Drove His Family's Car Just To Get His Little Sister A Toy

What would you do to make your sibling's day? Well, this 5-year-old kid in Ontario would apparently try driving a car just to get his little sister a toy for her to play with.

In a news release posted on December 14, Ontario Provincial Police detailed the events that took place early morning on December 13 in Central Frontenac.

At around 7:20 a.m., officers with the Frontenac OPP Detachment were called down to investigate a suspicious vehicle. As soon as they got there, police saw that a 5-year-old took the family's vehicle for a spin but instead got stuck in the neighbour's hayfield.

"The child did not drive very far," Provincial Constable Richard Martin told Narcity via email. According to Martin, the child drove off the driveway and onto the farmer's field but didn't make it to the road.

So what was the 5-year-old doing going out on a drive? According to OPP, he wanted to pop down to the store to get a pink toy tractor for his little sister.

Thankfully, the young kid was not injured. As for the vehicle, officers report that there was some minor damage.

Provincial police wrote a message to parents to remind them to be aware of where their children are and to put their car keys in a spot where kids cannot easily grab them.

"There are no charges towards anyone," Martin said.

Recently, a 10-year-old boy allegedly stole a minivan for a joyride in Peterborough, too.

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