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This BC Mansion On A Ski Hill Looks Like Both James Bond & Shaun White Should Live There

Or you and your 20 best friends could buy it?

If you've always thought of yourself as the perfect mixture between Shaun White and James Bond, then we have the ultimate house for you. A Big White house for sale right on a ski hill in B.C. looks like the ultimate party palace. Once you get a glimpse of what it looks like, you’ll be saving up every penny you earn. 

Ditch the downtown Vancouver bachelor pad and consider spending your hard-earned lottery money on a B.C. ski hill mansion. 

Big White is home to possibly one of the coolest houses ever. 

For a casual $3,250,000 this four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 5,142-square-foot home could be yours.

Big White is a gorgeous ski resort that's super close to Kelowna. This means that during the down season when you’re not shredding, you can hit up some wineries in the area. 

This home is gorgeous and it was even the winner of the best ski chalet in Canada which does not surprise us at all. 

Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

Situated right in the middle of all the action, this monster of a home has some amazing features including both an indoor and an outdoor pool.

Because why have one when you can have both?

Equipped with a media room, theatre, full bar, dance floor, and massive kitchen, this home was designed for entertaining. 

Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows mean that even if you’re inside, you’ll still be in the middle of all the action going on outdoors.

Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

Seriously there’s not one spot in this house that doesn’t have a gigantic window for people to watch out of. Even the bathtub gets its very own view. 

Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

The interior is super modern and it looks like a pad that was made for James Bond. 

Everything is sleek and has a sort of industrial feel with tons of silver accents. 

Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

Every year, this property makes a gross profit of up to $300,000 thanks to it being rented out to guests and people in need of a venue for corporate events or weddings. 

If you can’t afford this place, you’re not alone. Good thing there are tons of cheap homes all over B.C. that are for sale. 

Big White Ski Lodge 

Price: $3,250,000

Address: 318 Rock Ridge Rd., Big White, BC

Description: Why rent an Airbnb when you could buy your own super mansion for ski season? You can even rent it out when you're not there. 

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