Lili Reinhart & Danny Ramirez Of 'Look Both Ways' On What They'd Do If They Weren't Actors

"I'm glad that acting did work out."

Danny Ramirez and Lili Reinhart in Look Both Ways.
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Danny Ramirez and Lili Reinhart in Look Both Ways.

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix's new rom-com Look Both Ways is all about the paths you don't take in life, and even its stars Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez sometimes wonder what might've been.

Narcity recently sat down with Reinhart and Ramirez to discuss the new Netflix movie, and to imagine what their lives might've looked like if they'd gone the other way instead of pursuing acting careers.

The new film stars Reinhart as Natalie, a woman whose life we get to watch as it takes two different paths. One one path, she becomes a mother after accidentally becoming pregnant and on the other, the pregnancy test comes back negative and she goes on to pursue her dream career in L.A.

Reinhart's own life went much like the second path, as she moved to L.A. and went on to star in projects like Riverdale and Hustlers.

However, she almost took another path.

"There was a moment when I was 16 where I actually thought that maybe I would be a paramedic at one point," Reinhart told Narcity.

The question that went through her mind was, "What's a career that I could do that was super interesting?" and that's when being a paramedic popped into her head.

However, the 25-year-old says she probably wouldn't have liked that job after all because of the death and the long hours involved.

"I'm an empath, and as an empath, I can't be around that much tragedy. I wouldn't have handled it well," she shared with Narcity.

"But I had considered being a paramedic and going to school for that had acting not worked out, so I'm glad that acting did work out."

Ramirez also admitted that he had a few options in front of him earlier in life.

"I had dropped out of college, and I was already pursuing acting, and basically, there were three options," he shared. The options were to "go play soccer in Missouri, go to New York and play soccer or stay at home in Miami and pursue acting or modelling."

He says he took a methodical approach and went through all the pros and cons before he made a call.

"I did a list of 20 things that were most important to me, and the top thing was worth 20 points," he explained. "So when I calculated it all, it all ended up being 96, 96, 96. So I showed it to my mom [and said] 'I tried to do these calculations so there'd be a clear winner, and they all showed up the same number. This is mathematically impossible."

Since the math didn't work, Ramirez said he decided to trust his gut. He packed up his bags, moved to New York to attend NYU and and the decision "changed [his] life."

Look Both Ways is available to stream now on Netflix.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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