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This American Burger Chain Tastes EXACTLY Like In-N-Out But Is Somehow Completely Vegan

And don't even get us started on their shakes.

You wouldn't believe that the menu at Southern California-based Monty's Good Burger is entirely plant-based seeing as though their burgers taste EXACTLY like In-N-Out, but buddy, have we got some news for you — it is. 

No meat or dairy at this beloved chain — the meat patties are Impossible patties and the often extravagant shakes are made with soy ice cream (more on these shakes later because they might just be BETTER than In-Out shakes).

They even make their own special sauces — in addition to their house spread that tastes remarkably similar to In-N-Out's "secret sauce," they've got three additional house-made sauces (habanero, sriracha aioli, and onion aioli).

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4 locations in Southern California

You have two potato side options — shoestring fries or tater tots.

And there is no winner as far as these sauces go because all of them are equally delicious.

Let's go back to the topic of their shakes for a minute, too: While the menu features seemingly regular flavor options (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.), you can ALSO get them like this:

...As well as like this (did we mention they make their own cookies, and will serve them inside of the shakes?)

They also make their own organic fountain sodas.

With a burger like this, it's hard to believe there's no meat involved, alas, here we are.

Monty's Good Burger

Address: Four locations around Southern California (Koreatown, 3rd Street, Echo Park, Riverside)

Why You Need To Go: You'll trick your brain into thinking you're eating meat and then never want to eat meat again — that's how good these vegan burgers are.