You can step into a storybook at McKee Botanical Garden in Florida. Just a few hours from Miami, this magical spot is unlike any other in the state, giving you major Alice in Wonderland vibes. If you're craving an enchanting journey, hit the road and discover this secret garden.

Take a road trip to McKee Botanical Garden this summer and get lost in this dreamy place full of wonders. Prepare to see humongous art exhibits and massive sculptures tower overhead as if you drank a shrinking solution.

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This stunning area has 18 acres of diverse and colorful flowers and plants for you to explore. You'll see beautiful botanicals and curious exhibitions that look like something straight out of a dream

When you walk through this beautiful garden, you may come upon a giant green archway. Wandering through this tunnel will feel like tumbling down the rabbit hole and entering Wonderland. 

There's even a giant mushroom hidden in the garden that will make you feel just like Alice. Stand below this whimsical structure, and you'll look miniature in comparison. Then find the fairy forest full of blue shrooms, and you can sit on them just like the caterpillar in Wonderland.

While you have a look around, try to find the magnificent Grand Central sculpture created by Patrick and Sam Dougherty. This incredible installation joins The Royals exhibit; both made with sticks. These breathtaking structures add a touch of whimsy to the garden. 

Adventurers need to put this spellbinding spot on their Florida bucket list. Head to these ethereal gardens before summer ends to enjoy the lush green landscape and pretty blooming flowers. 

McKee Botanical Garden

Price: $15

Address: 350 U.S. Highway 1, Vero Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: Feel like Alice in this magical garden with towering art sculptures. 

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