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The Smallest Post Office In The US Is In Florida & It Still Operates

It's a bucket list tourist attraction! 📬

Florida Associate Editor
Two people at the smallest post office in the U.S. Right: The smallest post office in the U.S.

Two people at the smallest post office in the U.S. Right: The smallest post office in the U.S.

When you think of tiny towns, you don't really think about mail correspondence because U.S. post offices are just about everywhere. For 40 P.O. boxes, that's not the case, and if you go too fast, you just might miss it.

America's smallest USPS is located at 32330 Tamiami Trail East, Ochopee, Florida, in between Miami on the East Coast and Naples on the West Coast.

It's about eight feet high, four inches deep and seven feet wide. The building looks like a shed and it practically was one before it transformed into a post office in 1953.

There's a plaque nearby which explains how it used to house an irrigation pipe shed that belonged to the J.T. Gaunt Company Tomato Farm. The place opened after a fire burned down the town's original operations.

They still function six days a week and run a 170-mile route sending mail to about 300 people who live on the outskirts in three different counties.

In fact, the shed is placed in the middle of nowhere. And we mean that.

It can probably fit about two people on the inside for a tight squeeze and there's usually only one mail carrier on duty there.

It is also a huge tourist attraction, as many people geotag it on Instagram, "Ochopee Post Office Worlds Smallest P.O", and smile with the person working, or just take one on the miles of property if it is closed.

Beside being a mail center, they also sell tickets for Trailways and bus lines, something you might need before you see your next building!

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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