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A Canadian Company Makes Bagel Flavoured Ice Cream & It's The Most Montreal Thing Ever

One of the most popular food trends of recent years is blending savoury and sweet flavours together. A Canadian company has managed to do just that with a classic Montreal staple. They've created bagel ice cream, and it actually looks pretty good!

Ice cream shop Les Givrés doesn't shy away from unique and interesting flavours and managing to create a bagel-flavoured frozen dessert that actually sounds appetizing is pretty cool (pardon the pun).

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According to the company's website, the brunch-based blend was inspired by a favourite breakfast of the staff.

It combines a cream cheese base with strawberry jam and croutons made from sesame seed bagels. Let's see Häagen-Dazs pull that off.

Les Givrés might have perfected the breakfast-based dessert, but their unique flavours don't stop at just emulating the humble bagel.

They also offer choices like corn roast (which is made using real corn cream), and even a black garlic ice cream, described in French on the company's Instagram as having notes of "balsamic vinegar, candied plum, coffee, chocolate and licorice."

For the less adventurous dessert enthusiast, there are also some more basic flavours like chocolate-chocolate, pistachio, and the classic vanilla.

However, there are also some truly Canadian flavours to pick from, including two varieties that use maple syrup, a campfire inspired ice cream made with toasted marshmallow, and even one that's basically a whole banana split in one container.

There are even some choices for the vegan crowd. These frozen treats are made with ingredients like candied orange peel, gluten-free cookies, and even the company's own blend of spices for its masala chai flavour.

Les Givrés also offers up a selection of fruity sorbets that they say are made only with fruit, sugar, and ice.

On top of pints and cones, visitors can also partake in other treats like ice cream cakes and sandwiches, as well as colourful macarons.

Les Givrés

Price: $8.25 to $9.25

Address: 2730 Rue Masson, 3681 Ontario St. E., and 334 Rue de Castelnau E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Because how often do you get to blend a classic breakfast flavour with a beloved dessert?

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