Just when you thought Canada’s fan-appointed “royal couple” couldn’t possibly get any cuter, they go and do something like this. That’s right, Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue finally got a dog together and they’ve been sharing the cutest puppy snapshots on Instagram. Honestly, you’re not even ready for how cute this little family is.

Virtue and Rielly welcomed new dog, Zoë, into their lives a few weeks ago, and it’s been nothing but fluffy cuddles ever since.

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On August 26, in honour of International Dog Day, Virtue took to Instagram to share some beautiful shots from the day they brought their new fur baby home.

And it seems that Zoë, like most of us, loves a good nap.

The photos show her zonking out on her bed and under cramped spaces. She is even under a car in one shot.

But the stories also show how playful the pup is, too. In one video, Zoë can be seen running towards the camera with a giant stuffed wine bottle in her mouth.

Huh, it looks like we have more in common with this dog than we thought.

Of course, it’s no secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs are a bunch of doggo lovers

Morgan himself has shown serious love for his yellow lab, Maggie in the past.

But fans can’t seem to get enough of the Tessa-Morgan-Zoë trio, and we don’t blame them. 

One Twitter user spoke for most of us when they wrote, “current status: losing my mind over tessa virtue and morgan rielly’s new dog.”

Honestly, same.

If you’ve been keeping up with #Tmo then this new furry addition to their ultra-Canadian love story is just the cherry on top. 

But some of their other cutest moments include that time they chowed down on sushi together, and of course the time they shared heart eyes while working out in the forest.

If you need a little furry goodness in your life right now, we're pawsitive this is definitely the right tree to bark up.