A Canadian musician scored a major arts grant from Canada and it comes with a price tag of over $90,000

Now for some Canadians, this would be good news... if the recipient wasn't famous singer/songwriter Grimes, who is the partner of a total mega-billionaire.

What's more, she reportedly does not live in Canada and hasn't for some time now.

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$90,525 FACTOR grant to Grimes

Grimes received $90,525 in financial support from FACTOR, a non-profit that prides itself on funding musicians from the True North. 

However, some people believed that funds of that calibre should have gone to artists who need it the most or who at least reside in the province, according to MTL Blog.

The singer is a Vancouver native and actually studied at McGill University until her music career blossomed. She now lives in the U.S.

People also wasted no time pointing out that Grimes is romantically involved and has a child with the second richest person on the planet with a net worth of $127.9 billion.

She is reportedly also worth $3 million. 

So the question begs, why does a woman of that stature need a grant?  

Well, Grimes was a qualified candidate and checked off all eligibility criteria, regardless of her postal code, according to National Post.   

Grimes reportedly did not apply for the funds herself — it was her recording company, Crystal Math Music Inc's, doing.