NASA continues exploring Earth's closest cosmic neighbor with their freshly landed Mars rover dubbed "Perseverance."

On Friday, the day after it touched down on the surface of the Red Planet, the rover shared its first full-colored image of the surface, and it's sure to glue your eyes to the screen.

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An open horizon, with so much to explore. Can’t wait to get going. NASA's Perseverance

It didn't take too long for the rover to send back its first picture, which was a dusty black and white image of its landing spot.

But the rover decided to take things up a notch, by sending back a full-color image of the surface.

NASA also shared a close-up image of the surface, saying they can't wait to continue studying the environment.

Another unique photo was released showing the rover just before touchdown on Mars, as it was being held by a "jetpack" just before the wheels hit the ground. 

The rover will now continue its mission of exploring Mars and searching for signs of ancient life nearly 129 million miles away from Earth.