Netflix Just Announced That 'Too Hot To Handle' Is Coming Back For Season 2

"You can look but you can't touch."
Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Netflix announced in a tweet that its sexy reality TV show Too Hot To Handle will be returning for a second season. 

We're feeling a little deja vu — it's right around the time that we all binge-watched the first season of the show. 

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Most of us had a love-hate relationship with the show when it was released in April 2020 when we were just learning how to cope with lockdown measures. 

But, it was irresistible to watch the attractive, single contestants try NOT to touch each other while trapped on an island dressed in pretty much nothing but bathing suits. 

The drama pulled us all in as the singles turned into couples and broke the rules, decreasing the $100,000 shared prize with each violation. 

For example, two people kissing cost $3,000, and it could even change after the first slip-up.

Netflix hasn't said much about season two, but it seems like the rules will be the same — You can look but you can't touch.

The streaming service did tease that "more details and a date" for season two will be coming soon. 

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