New Orleans is not letting COVID-19 put a damper on certain Mardi Gras traditions even though normal celebrations have been canceled for 2021.

Elaborately-decorated floats typically line the streets during Carnival leading up to Fat Tuesday, but the city called off all parades this year. 

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This is really about coming up with creative ways to celebrate Carnival that keep everyone safe until we can get through to the other side of this pandemic." Megan Boudreaux, KOHF Founder

NOLA natives were not going to give up so easily, though. Instead, they created the "house float" movement. 

Following the announcement of Mardi Gras being canceled, Megan Bordeaux called on her fellow New Orleanians to transform their houses into "floats" and the idea absolutely exploded. 

After an overwhelming response, Bordeaux founded the Krewe of House Floats (KOHF) to "help New Orleans have a fun and festive Carnival in 2021."

Now a full-blown movement, thousands of houses across the city are decked out in colorful, themed decorations as if they were floats in a Carnival parade. 

"I know a lot of folks are sad and disappointed that Mardi Gras cannot be normal this year," said Bordeaux.

"But I am hoping that Krewe of House Floats can be a way for folks to channel their creative energy, make something positive out of a bad situation, and have something to look forward to in 2021."