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With the new Barbie movie coming to the big screen this July, it looks like the beloved American doll is taking over the world once again. So much so that two major U.S. cities will soon be enjoying all the retro beach vibes through the Malibu Barbie Cafe immersive dining experience.

Malibu will be making waves this summer and spring seasons in New York City, NY, and Chicago, IL, with a Barbie-themed cafe that will have all the guests feeling like they just stepped into a real Barbie world.

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Typical Valentine’s Day celebrations usually come filled with teddy bears, chocolates, and red or pink heart-shaped balloons. However, if you’re looking to do something different that still says “Happy Valentine’s Day," then an all-pink brunch could be the perfect option.

A new foodie experience in New York City, NY, makes up the ideal date with your besties, as you’ll be dining in an all-pink waterfront glasshouse, drinking pink cocktails, and even having some sweet macaroons.

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I’ve always been a museum enthusiast, and it’s usually a place I visit whenever I’m exploring new places.

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"Experiment. Sip. Repeat." That's the motto of this epic Fall date night idea where you can live your mad scientist dreams. At the Drunken Lab in Brooklyn, NY, you can perform experiments in a laboratory and test your chemistry with your partner.

The best part is, instead of being graded on your work, you get a cocktail as a reward. During spooky season (all of October), they even have a haunted lab for $64.99/person with alcohol included.

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Attention thrill-seekers: If you haven't had your adventure fix in a while, there's an epic new mountain rollercoaster in the U.S. that you'll definitely want to put on your bucket list.

The Cliffside Coaster, the longest mountain rollercoaster in North America, recently opened in New York's Lake Placid and the views (and the curves) will take your breath away.

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