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This New York McDonald's Is Actually A Historic Mansion & Here's A Look Inside (PHOTOS)

Maybe this location's ice cream machine isn't broken. 🍦🍔🍟
This New York McDonald's Is Actually A Historic Mansion & Here's A Look Inside (PHOTOS)

McDonald's might not come to mind when thinking about going out for a luxurious dinner in Long Island, New York, but this one might be the exception.

Long Island's Denton House has a 200-year history behind it, and it's highly unlikely that the creators of the building had any idea that it would eventually be turned into an outpost of one of America's favorite fast-food chains.

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The building was built in 1795 as a farmhouse but it was later converted into a mansion in the 1860s, over 100 years before McDonald's would eventually purchase the property in 1985.

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You don't exactly feel like you have stepped into a McDonald's when you walk through the entrance, as everything from the floor to the ceiling sticks to the luxurious style, aside from a few fire alarms and bathroom signs.


Things start to look a little more familiar when you make your way to the cashier counter, where you can see workers flipping burgers and frying french fries as you get ready to order the same thing you've been ordering since you were 7.


The spot's seating arrangement also makes it feel like anything but your average fast-food joint, with its modern and semi-luxurious aesthetic.


It may be the same food we've all enjoyed throughout our lives, but the fact that the restaurant actually rests in a mansion that is over 100 years old will make it a truly unforgettable and bougie fast-food experience.


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