Just days after the province announced new COVID-19 fines in B.C., a few lucky businesses were the first to be dinged, announced Surrey RCMP on Monday, August 24.

These included an "after-hours club," a restaurant, and two event venues — all were charged the $2,300 fee for "repeated contraventions of the provincial health officer's COVID-19 orders" over the weekend.

Each location had been subject to previous warnings from Surrey's compliance and enforcement team.

CTV News

Local RCMP did a total of 429 checks on local businesses over the weekend to make sure they're following the rules; 425 passed.

While it's not specified what exact rules these businesses broke, tickets will be given under new policies for hosting more than 50 people, not taking contact information for contract tracing, and more.

All of this is happening in the middle of a new surge of cases; B.C. has seen daily case counts in the past week unmatched in all of its history.

Via CTV News
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