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BC Just Hit The Highest Ever COVID-19 Case Count & A Serious Crackdown Is Coming (VIDEO)

We just had the biggest jump in the history of COVID-19. 🚨
COVID-19 In BC: Province Hits Its Highest Single-Day Jump & A Crackdown Is Coming

B.C. will not be messing around after its record-breaking COVID-19 jump. 

On Monday, August 17, Deputy Provincial Health Officer Dr. Réka Gustafson announced that 236 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded between Friday, August 14, and Monday, August 17.

Between Friday and Saturday, a total of 100 new cases were recorded, making it the biggest single-day jump in the history of COVID-19 in B.C

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Ministries have met today to map out a more comprehensive approach to increase enforcement. 

Adrian Dix, Health Minister of British Columbia

Both Dix and Gustafson said in the press conference that the spike in new cases of COVID-19 is in part caused by private social gatherings.

They also confirmed the majority of new cases are being found in younger people. 

Details of the enforcement plan will be released in the coming week. 

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