Could we be heading to the polls? The Government of Canada's confidence vote will be about sick leave and other support and it could decide if there will be another federal election.

Liberal House Leader Pablo Rodriguez made the announcement on Twitter.

He said that a bill on sick leave and support for Canadians is the core of the government's plan during the second wave of COVID-19.

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We will consider the vote on the legislation as a matter of confidence.

Pablo Rodriguez

That bill will be voted on and the federal government will consider it a confidence vote.

Since this is a minority government situation, a confidence vote makes or breaks the Liberals.

If there is a vote of no confidence, it will be the fall of Justin Trudeau's government and trigger an election.

If it goes the other direction, his party will stay in power.

According to CTV News, this vote could happen late in the evening on September 29.

However, it's unlikely that there will be no confidence because Jagmeet Singh and the NDP have committed to support the bill.

That's because the two parties negotiated about the transition from the CERB to EI and more money for paid sick leave.

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