If there's one thing Canadians have a hard time dealing with, it's tons of snow. If there's a second thing they have a hard time dealing with, it has to be intense summer heat. Luckily, a recent Toronto heat wave appears to have come to an end. However, it's been replaced by the risk of severe thunderstorms.

According to a special weather statement from Environment Canada, the 6ix could be looking at anywhere from 50 to 100 millimetres of rain in some areas.

That could also lead to localized flooding in parts of the city.

The rain is expected to continue throughout the afternoon, and a rainfall warning may be issued later in the day.

The city's forecast is calling for wet weather through Monday, before catching a sunny break on Tuesday.

Toronto won't be the only city dealing with the massive storm system, though. Hamilton, Waterloo, and London could also be facing some intense precipitation.

Meanwhile, Ottawa will be dealing with the leftovers of Tropical storm Fay. Environment Canada warns that this weather system could result in heavy downpours causing flooding and pooling water on roads.

While it's never fun having to deal with rainy weather, it does at least offer a break from the heat the province has been feeling.

Toronto has already faced higher-than-normal seasonal temperatures. The city saw 11 days in June that exceeded 30 degrees, more than there were in the entirety of summer 2019.

The July heat has also been on track to break records in Toronto.

Some residents have turned to the art of meme-making in order to express how they are dealing with the high temperatures.

Even on the east coast, summer has been bringing the heat, with some parts of Nova Scotia being hotter than the Sahara desert in June.

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