Summertime in the 6ix is a scorcher this year. As Ontario continues to move through a dry front, there seems to be no end in sight for the sweltering and humid weather. The heatwave in Toronto has already set some milestones, with more 30 C days in June than all of last summer combined. 

According to The Weather Network, the temperatures in the region have been above seasonal this year, with record heat reported throughout the province.

In fact, Toronto had 11 30 C days in June, which is the same amount that June, July and August of 2019 racked up combined. 

You might want to grab some sunscreen because last month was only the start of the heat that Toronto will be facing this year. 

Environment Canada has issued a heat advisory for Toronto and most of southeastern and northwestern Ontario.

In Toronto, it's going to feel like the high 30s to low 40s during the day.

This kind of weather is expected to last throughout the week into Sunday "and likely beyond," Environment Canada says.

The Weather Network

The nights should give Ontario a bit of a break, cooling down to the 20s, Environment Canada predicts. 

TWN has forecasted that July will be hot and humid, so you won't get much of a break from the heat.  

There is a possibility for stormy weather in Ontario during the end of July, but temperatures won't be cooling down much. 

Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist, Dave Philips, told CP24 that this heatwave will be intense because of its extended stay.

“Our models are saying that you should get used to it and that for the rest of the summer this is the kind of pattern we are going to see right through to Labour Day,” Philips said.

CP24 reports that Thursday was the hottest day we've seen in 2020, at a high of 34 C.