Officials and the coroner's office are investigating following the death of an Indigenous woman in Quebec.

Joyce Echaquan, 37, died at a hospital in Joliette, Quebec on Monday after live streaming an incident with employees there on Facebook from her hospital bed.

On the live stream, the mother of seven can be heard moaning in pain as hospital staff insult her. 

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She's only good for sex. And we're paying for this.

Joliette hospital staff member

In the video, staff can be heard saying "You made bad choices, my dear" as well as "She's only good for sex. And we're paying for this."

Family and friends gathered to demand justice for Echaquan and will hold a vigil, according to Global News

The report also said the victim initially went to the hospital for stomach pain and pleaded to staff for help.

Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader, took to Twitter to express his outrage at the incident.

"The last moments of your life should not have ended that way," he said. "Systemic racism strips people of their dignity and kills them."

Police and the coroner have taken over the investigation.

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