If it’s looking a little hazy outside your window this morning, you’re not the only one. U.S. wildfire smoke has blown thousands of miles in multiple directions and it has now blanketed as many as six Canadian provinces. The cover is so heavy in some areas that the air quality is being affected..

Across the country, thousands of Canadians have woken up to yet another murky morning.

Canadian skies are unusually grey thanks to a covering of smoke blowing from the United States, where severe wildfires continue to burn on the West Coast.

The fires, which have already killed at least 35 people in America, are ripping through California, Oregan and Washington state.

From here, the smoke is travelling thousands of miles east, and has reached cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and even beyond.

As many as six Canadian provinces are now believed to have experienced some level of hazy conditions due to the fires.

This includes Ontario, Quebec, B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

While it's only been a light dusting of smoke in some regions, the fumes and subsequent effects have been much worse in others.

In Vancouver, conditions have got so bad that the mountains are barely visable. 

The city's air has been deteriorating so badly that work and some schools were cancelled, and Canada Post even stopped delivering.

Last week in wider B.C., due to the smoke-filled skies, the air quality was deemed one of the worst in the world.

Similarly, on September 14, Alberta issued an air quality statement and urged locals to take "extra precautions to reduce your exposure."

While conditions in Ontario and Quebec have been less severe, photos of the dark, orange-y and smoky skies have shared widely on social media.

Sharing a photo of the 6ix on Tuesday morning, one local wrote, "Can confirm that the smoke from fires in the west has reached Toronto."

As of Tuesday, many of the U.S. wildfires continue to burn, despite best efforts from firefighters in the country.

Wherever you are, stay safe out there!

*This article's cover image is for illustrative purposes only.

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