There's a new Harry Potter fashion trend hitting the shelves and it's taking Universal Orlando over. Theme park guests have found another new way to show off their house pride while touring Diagon Alley: face masks. And don't worry, there's plenty to go around.

Some people are hardcore Gryffindor fans, while others are diehards for Slytherin. But no matter which house you belong to, you'll be able to represent while at Universal Orlando.

If you can't choose just one, Universal Orlando is running a deal in which you can get all four for $20.

While you're cruising around a sparsely-crowded Hogwarts, you will surely see someone representing a different faction of the Harry Potter universe

The blue Ravenclaw mask will no doubt engage in a friendly clash with the red Gryffindor mask crowd, but surely not to be outdone is the Hufflepuff mask, made in its trademark yellow and showcasing its logo.

Not to forget the green and scaley Slytherins; the one true way of showing that you're on the dark side of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


The masks don't come as a "one-size-fits-all," they also have medium and large sizes. 

Masks are required in all of the Orlando theme parks, and some types are banned. These in particular are, of course, Universal approved.

The Harry Potter facemasks are currently available to purchase within their parks & their magical style is sure to give you a new way to represent your house pride anywhere you go.

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