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Universal Orlando Is Looking Absolutely Eerie These Days (PHOTOS)

It just doesn't look quite the same.
Universal Orlando Is Looking Absolutely Eerie These Days (PHOTOS)

The parks just don't feel quite the same as they used to. Universal Orlando has been operating for a month now, and the scene feels a bit empty. It's just another monument to how the world has changed in just a short period of time.

Normally, Orlando's second-largest theme park resort is packed to the brim with vacationers looking to escape in Central Florida's steamy humid air. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has changed all of that.

When guests first arrive at Universal Orlando's gates, they'll have to get their temperatures checked and make sure they are masked up. The park hired special employees to ensure that everyone is following the rules in order to keep the virus out of the parks.

Once inside, another aspect of a changed life will soon greet you; an extremely sparse crowd.

This is intentional, as the park is, by state law, only allowed to operate at half of its capacity and all guests must maintain a six-foot distance from each other. It makes for a truly odd experience.

Even the rides here look different, as seats are blocked off to maintain social distancing.

Check out this video of the normally-bustling Seuss Landing below:

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, one of the resort's most famous and crowded themed areas, now has a sporadic population, with plenty of space for Harry Potter to fly on his broom.

In one respect, the intentional thinning out of crowds may have made the experience at Universal Orlando more peaceful.

It's usually chaotic, with two-plus hour wait times to get on the park's more popular rides as common as summer sweat in Florida.

That wait time has been cut in half, with guests waiting a bit longer to board thanks to the intense cleaning that has to be done in between rides.

But the park is open, which holds as a testament to a semblance of a return to normalcy for Orlando's battered tourism economy. 

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