The Sunshine State once again saw a spike in novel coronavirus cases. Florida COVID-19 cases hit a new record on Thursday, continuing a streak of 1,000-plus cases. The news comes as the state continues to move forward with its second phase of the reopening plan.

The Florida Department of Health reported 1,698 positive cases on June 11, shattering the daily record of 1,419 that was set on June 4. That brings the state's total count to 69,069 confirmed cases. Also, there were 47 new deaths registered on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 2,848.

Florida has recorded over 1,000 cases almost every day this month, and the average peak is now at the same height it was in April. Back on April 17, the state logged 1,413 cases before its initiative to enter phase 1 of its recovery plan.

Governor Ron DeSantis has tied the sharp increases to continual testing, saying that the more the state tests its population, the more cases it would find.

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"As you’re testing more, you are going to find more cases, and most of the cases are sub-clinical cases, and we expected that from the beginning,” DeSantis said during Thursday's press conference. “We are doing 30,000 plus tests a day, in terms of results on average."

He added that the state's rural communities are also seeing large outbreaks.

Officials continue to point to the positivity rate, the percentage of positive tests among the number of people tested, as a sign the state is still trending in the right direction. It currently sits at 5.3%, according to the state's COVID-19 dashboard.

Most of the state is currently in phase 2 of its recovery plan. In addition to retail and restaurants being allowed to operate at 50% capacity, entertainment facilities such as bars, bowling alleys, and movie theaters can reopen at 50%.

Three of Central Florida's "Big 4" theme parks are even welcoming guests again.

While parts of Florida were excluded from this transition, most of the state's businesses are now reopened and welcoming back visitors. 

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