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Hurricane Sally Dumped 5 Miles Of Oil Across This Florida Beach (PHOTOS)

Miles of The Panhandle are covered in oil.

Extreme flooding and damage to infrastructure were widespread across Florida’s panhandle after the Category 2 storm, and now, miles of oil are washing up this Florida beach after Hurricane Sally.

Pensacola News Journal reported that the U.S. Coast Guard witnessed a 5-mile stretch of Johnson Beach on Perdido Key splattered with oil weeks after the storm.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Dustin Williams explained to the Pensacola News Journal that they’d discovered the spill over the weekend.

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DeSantis Officially Erased The Last Restrictions On Florida Restaurants & Bars

Bars & restaurants can operate fully now.🍽️🍻

The last remaining restrictions facing restaurants and bars were blown off the hinges by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as he officially ordered restaurants and bars to reopen entirely.

DeSantis announced an executive order allowing restaurants and bars across the state to operate at full capacity.

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Some COVID-19 Restaurant Restrictions In Florida Could Be Ending ASAP

He wants to make sure restaurants don't go belly up.🍽️

Restaurants across The Sunshine State have been operating at restricted capacity for months. Florida restaurant restrictions will soon be lifted, and Governor Ron DeSantis wants to open up capacity completely.

During a roundtable discussion with medical experts, DeSantis mentioned that he will soon lift capacity restrictions on restaurants. 

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Thousands Of Starfish Are Washing Ashore On This Florida Beach (VIDEO)

Starfish cover the sands as far as you can see.

Hurricane Sally pummeled the Gulf Coast last week, causing extreme flooding and storm surges in her wake, and even leaving this Florida beach covered in thousands of washed-up starfish.

Navarre Beach Fire Rescue posted a video to its official Facebook page showing the shoreline covered in starfish.

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A Florida Family's DOG Was Literally Sent A Voter's Registration Form

This voter happens to have fur and four paws.

Election season is officially upon us, and recently, a Florida voter registration company sent a woman’s dead dog a voter form.

The application was addressed to Mookie Aronson, former City Commissioner Lisa Aronson’s poodle, who died 11 years ago.

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6 Reasons Why Florida Would Be Better Off If This Permanent Daylight Saving Law Passed

Florida senators want to make the time change permanent.

Daylight saving can be a pain for anyone to deal with each year. For that reason and more, Florida’s U.S. Senators want to do away with the time change. The Sunshine Protection Act would make daylight saving time permanent not just statewide but for the entire country. If you’re one of the many who complain about Florida’s daylight saving time, here’s a list of reasons why the state would be better off with a permanent fix.

Senator Marco Rubio has been pushing for a change in the seasonal time-skip since 2018, being continually met with a split response. If his proposal became law, it would make the shift permanent across the country and officially do away with resetting clocks.

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