DeSantis Officially Erased The Last Restrictions On Florida Restaurants & Bars

Bars & restaurants can operate fully now.🍽️🍻
Ron DeSantis Orders Restaurants To Fully Reopen Capacity And Lifts Restrictions

The last remaining restrictions facing restaurants and bars were blown off the hinges by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as he officially ordered restaurants and bars to reopen entirely.

DeSantis announced an executive order allowing restaurants and bars across the state to operate at full capacity.

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The idea that the government dictating this is better than them making this decision, I think is displaced. 

Ron DeSantis

The order DeSantis announced on Friday will put the reopening process squarely on the governor's shoulders. 

In addition to erasing the capacity limit, DeSantis's order also preempts local governments from re-imposing restrictions

That means that, even if COVID-19 cases rise again in The Sunshine State, they won't be able to do add restrictions harsher than the state's, nor will the be able to close businesses.

Previously, local governments were able to impose restrictions that went beyond the state's if they saw fit.

Now, that decision will be entirely in the hands of restaurants and bars, who will dictate how many people can enter their establishment.

Florida previously capped capacity at 50 percent in restaurants.

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