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These Are Tell-Tale Signs You Are A True Floridian, As Told By A Local

You know you're from Florida when... 🏝

Editor, Jenna Kelley, on a boat in Fort Lauderdale. Right: A picture of a Publix sub.

Editor, Jenna Kelley, on a boat in Fort Lauderdale. Right: A picture of a Publix sub.

Florida Associate Editor

This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Oranges, palm trees, sunny skies, and endless blue waters are a few of Florida visitors' favorite things. Well, I live where you vacation, and I know what it's really like to grow up in the Sunshine State.

There are iconic situations, food items, and clothing that just lie in the seams of a Floridian's genetic makeup. Some of these things are shocking to those who don't live here, while others are just downright hilarious!

I lived in Florida for 22 years. I then moved to Texas and Georgia and desperately missed the culture back in my hometown. Most importantly, I missed the scenarios where I could just look at something and say "that's so Florida!"

So, I came back.

If you grew up in Florida, you most likely will look at this list and say to yourself "wow, that is so true!"

You're basically a defense attorney for Publix Subs.

They are the best damn subs on the planet, and I stand by it! In fact, I included a photo in the cover picture of this article because these subs are that important to our state. If anyone tells you differently, you have a long list of reasons as to why they are so tasty.

This is also the best place to spot the beach-goers. You will always see someone in swim trunks or a bikini headed for a "pub-sub" before hitting the beach. It's essentially a Florida-given right.

We’re immune to hot steering wheels and seatbelt burns. Ouch!

It's no secret the state is sizzling hot in the summer, and the best indicator of the seasonal change is when you play "hot potato" with a steering wheel and practically get a third-degree burn by grazing the metal on your seatbelt. In true Florida fashion, we keep suffering through the pain instead of leaving the AC on in our car to cool it down: we'll drive in the sweaty heat anyways.

Ask a Floridian how to escape from an alligator. We can tell you.

I don't want to give away all of our secrets from our Florida education system, but it's true! I was taught in elementary school how to run from an alligator if they start running after me. All of my friends born in the state could also tell you how to escape the wild animal.

Since they have eyes on either side of their head, you run zig-zag. Also, many locals are not that scared of alligators. They are so often seen in lakes around the state, and they mainly mind their own business, it's almost unfamiliar to not see them.

Hurricanes mean your liquor cabinet is stocked.

In all sincerity, we do take hurricanes seriously. However, I was born in the late '90s, which means I encountered four hurricanes in six weeks in 2004. We were out of school for a whole month. The only way the adults coped was to enjoy each other's company and get close to their neighbors.

It's basically become a state punchline at grocery stores, as this kind of weather is so frequent.

Winter jackets below 75 degrees are a MUST!

It's sunny and humid all year round once we get that first "winter" breeze, we pop out our beanies, our fashionable boots, and thick winter jackets. Anyone that's in shorts and a T-shirt is immediately looked at funny and expected to be from a state that snows.

South Florida isn't considered "the South."

Forget the districting map. We create our own boundaries. Everyone knows Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton is considered South Florida.

Skyrises, restaurants on the beach, and modernized building structures give us a reputation of the north with the southern heat. In fact, a lot of New Yorkers live down here, and, as my mom says, "it's a laidback, sunny New York City." In fact, the more north you go in Florida, the more southern it really gets.

One side of town looks like a storm will hit, and the other side looks like a postcard.

April showers bring May flowers... yeah, try June through August showers. Every Floridian avoids looking at the rain forecast in the summer months because it will downpour for an hour, and then clear up as if it never even happened.

There's no reason to cancel your beach day if it rains around 10 in the morning. Just wait until 11, and it will look like the publicized beach town you know and love.

I'm proud to be a Floridian, even if we do have a unique culture!

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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